Dammit Facebook!

You know what, I’m sick of this social network. Seems like every single disastrous moment I’ve got comes from there. I know it sounds lame, now everyone is a showoffs, don’t get me wrong i don’t give a damn shit about relationship status whatsoever, but when it was only a few days after we splitted up, he changed his status, and now more pictures of his happy moments are coming. Give me a break dude, could you at least hide it from my family AND my best friends, would you mind take a little time to consider what we are feeling , it’s been only 3 months for God’s sake, and we were almost getting married. You can call me and tell me that you’ve found a girl now and she gives you everything i didn’t give you, that you’re happy now, whatever but please don’t hurt my friends and families that way, you were part of them too 3 months ago if you’ve forgotten.

See this is what I don’t like about this social network, you can easily hurt someone else’s feeling without knowing it. Yes maybe you just wanted to share your happiness, or let YOUR friends know by putting  “look at my new hot chic, beat it mate” pictures on. Yes what’s done is done, let’s put our past behind, well then you could’ve thought of, what’s done is done, let’s unfriend my exs, instead of saying to your ex who ASKED for your permission to unfriend you, please not just yet i still want to be your friend. Then in a few days you ruin her already-devastated-life-but-almost-heal-somehow with this last shit she needs in her life.

So guys, trust me it won’t kill you to take a little of your time to put yourself in other people’s shoes and try to walk with it for only a couple of meters to feel what they really feel about things you are about to do. I’ve been doing it for the last 3 years now, so I’m a bit trained and within reason to say, please do it, it’ll cost you nothing. And yes it’s a wee bit inconsiderate to tell your ex that you have found love of your life, it’s not a revenge competition (what do you need to take revenge on by the way?) and definitely not wise to think that you need to tell her because you don’t want to lie to her, you know, aside from your previous lies we’d love to hear you lie for this one particular thing, unless you wish her to stop hoping for you to come back by letting her know that “come on buddy, don’t be such a drama queen, you have to move on, I’ve moved on by loving another girl, and it’s not as hard as it seems”. Err..little help here, I’m holding a knife at the moment.


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