Phuket – Phi Phi for First Timer (me!)

*Photo Updated*

It’s been quite some time since i went to Thailand after my last trip to Singapore. Well then let’s just get started, hope i still remember the details.

I went to Koh Phi Phi via Phuket, on last April, cost me around 150 USD return from Jakarta to Phuket with Airasia. It was afternoon flight, arrived there around 8 pm and caught sharing taxi to Patong, you can find their booth inside Phuket int’l airport, cost around 6 USD, but you will need to wait until it gets 9 people, despite the wait i think it was quite comfy the minivan and cheap too, started to think about it after i learnt that it was a loong way. I enjoyed the outside city ride, until they stopped at some sort of travel agency near Patong, found out it was their business to stop us at their shop. Yeah it was in the middle of nowhere, that shop, but i didnt want to pay extra money to arrange my trip, so skip it was the best option for me.

Then finally after one to one and half hour ride we arrived in Patong, such a busy city! I stayed in Bogota Hostel, nice one, maybe because i got private room with AC and hot shower and cost more than i expected. After changed costumes, i was ready to wander around the city. So what i found is quite shocking, haha. I’ve never been in that kinda city before, it makes Kuta looks like a saint city! Ok, i’ll try to picture it. There was one long street towards Patong beach and along that street was pubs and bars, with, hold on..striptease girls in front of every, i mean every single pub. Hold that thoughts and hear me out. It was kinda sad cos most or them, i think, are way too young. If you’ve ever seen Elephant White movie, yes they’re about the same age as the girls in that movie. What i was thinking, based on their looks, they came from far away village maybe in some rain forest area up some Thai mountain, and they went to the city hoping for a better life and money of course, but they ended up pole dancing at some pub full of old perverts. Like this club i went, oh my, that would be my first and last time being at so called ‘PingPong Show’ place. You dont need to pay to get in there what you have to do is just buy a drink, which is way much more far too expensive, and find a good seat and enjoy the show. My tip, sip your drink just a little, once they see your glass is half empty they will offer you more, and they very insist, and when it’s all gone then it’s time for you to leave. Im not gonna tell about the show, you need to come there to get the feelings, lol. Ah i forgot to tell about *drumroll* ladyboys! Oh they’re everywhere and they’re quite pretty you know, i couldn’t tell the difference. I saw this scene, when there were ladyboys doing pole dancing and some drunk westerner guys maybe curious about him/her (dont know how to call them), and he/she showed them his boobs, and they squezeed it, what a douche. I still can’t get that picture out of my head. Ewww… 

Anyway i think this story is about me doing diving not seeing some ladyboys, haha. I arranged my transport to Koh Phi Phi via Bogota hostel, they picked us up in the morning at 8 am to the pier and then we caught fast boat to the island, it all cost around 20 USD.

The island wasn’t like i was expected at first, quite crowded at the pier and it’s a big island. I didn’t have pre booked acommodation so i was looking for it to the end of the island, it was tiring! Carrying my backpack around walking at the beach, but the accomodation i found was comfy, very spacious and clean, no wonder it cost around 50 USD per night, it’s called View Point Resort, but if you’re easily woken up then this resort is not your kinda place. I could only sleep around 1 am, it was soo noisy from the beach near my resort. They always have late party for every single night, so i couldn’t really recommend this resort, especially if you go there for a diving course, spending all day at sea struggling with currents, not to mention carrying your tanks around and learning new stuff with thick manual, yes you need enough and proper sleep, so you might wanna scratch off this resort from your list.

I chose Blue View Divers as my dive operator, turned out they are the best dive operator i’ve ever dived with! They are really professional, arranged my Advance Diver Course really well. I didn’t do my Open Water Course really good, i was still bad at buoyancy control. But my instructor Caroline taught me from scratch. Now i’m quite good at controlling my buoyancy. 

I took specialist on Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Photography, Underwater Navigation, Deep Diving and my most fave course, Night Dive. It was an awesome experience, i’d love to come back to Phi Phi, maybe do my rescue diver? 😉


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