Beyond My Conscience

It was not my first time i could not sleep, i was tired and sleepy but i just could not close my eyes and let my soul fly away for a moment. I ended up sleep for less than 2 hours last night. I don’t think i have some sort of big problem that would make me unable to sleep, well yeah my work right now is kinda rushing, we are in a very tight schedule, but it’s normal i guess for worker like us, very normal. So what makes me unable to sleep lately? Is it something to do with my relationship? Yes for that, it kinda reminds me of my small talk with him earlier tonight. We were talking about how to read deleted file in hard drive, i made him curious on how to delete it permanently =P

Why he was curious, it is because i said that i can read his journal even after he deleted it. Thats when i started to remember something that has been in my mind for a long time. Sometimes it is gone, but it also comes as suddenly as the need to pee. Well, maybe that is what makes me unable to sleep, beyond my conscience i am actually still thinking about my unresolved feelings no matter how hard i try to deny it, it is still there.


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