I’m Rumbling

On the day before i went swimming at my apartment, when i was taking off my goggles about to finish a little girl around 4 years old came to  me asking me question in english, why u dont use your glasses? Then she borrowed mine. She is a cheerful girl, very chubby, and swims very good too. I kinda fell in love with her. We spent one hour playing ball and racing to the other side of the pool, we had fun. She came with his little brother, only two of them, and in the afternoon their uncle picked they up. She asked me with her beautiful big eyes to come play again at the pool tomorrow. I feel bad i could not keep my promise to her. I was thinking, will our child be like her, cheerful like me, smart like him, and kind too.

Anyway, this is my first day working after almost a month i worked at branch office, it feels really good to be back in my desk, wearing my Reef thong at work, and this cold AC we cannot stand for. Most of all it feels good to be able to share stories and laugh with my workmates. Even our job is not the best job nor job that we’ve always dreamt of, but we’re grateful that this job brought us together. I am actually sad cos my very best friend will be resigning in two months, she has dreams to catch, and so do we, only different perspective between us i guess. But the rest of us won’t be working for this company forever that one thing i know for sure.

I think enough rumbling for this time, i have many things to rumble about but i don’t feel like writing now, this cloudy weather outside my window suddenly changes my mood, only an hour ago i felt okay, but now i’m feeling sad and blue, besides i think my playlist doesn’t make it any better too 😦

I suddenly remember my man, how rough these last few weeks for us, he could not keep his promises to me. But i could not get upset at him, i was disappointed, very disappointed, but still i could not get angry at him, strange eh? I asked for time out so we both could think about how much we need each other, i ended up calling him first, like i said to him i just can’t live any second without him no matter how often he disappoints me over the same thing. But in the end, i can sense that his guilty conscience is obvious and well deserved, he was sorry, and hate himself for upsetting me. I am very happy for that, i can’t tell how happy i am, these last few days seem so beautiful to me. He proves me that he loves me, i guess that’s what love is, it’s all about forgiving, respecting and accepting each other as they are.

Omelettes and eggs ends to means, all is well that ends well 🙂


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